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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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Windy, But Still A Blast! (4/25/1998)

Saturday morning's weather looked pretty grim but the rain never materialized and about 25 rocketeers and visitors launched rockets until the late afternoon.  Other than the stiff breeze, the day was beautiful and several memorable flights took place.   Rockets with streamer recovery were the choice in the morning.  Some highlights:

Mike Martens made the first attempt at attaching a streamer to the motors ejected from his stomp rocket.  Unfortunately the motor exhaust burned through the nylon cord connected to the base of the motor, but he seemed to be on the right track.  I hope that he develops a reliable method of doing this so we can have a mass stomp rocket launch sometime in the near future!

Mark Thell had a bit of bad luck with an F20 Econojet.  The forward bulkhead let loose about 30 ft off the pad and incinerated his Aerotech Tomahawk.  The rocket was a total loss, but at least Mike Martens was on the job and got the whole thing on video.

The highest flight of the day was on a small fiberglass and phenolic rocket on an E28.   [Impulse Aerospace "Check Six" flown by Larry Schwartz.  Alan]   This rocket probably topped off at about 2500 ft!  It was one of those whiplash kind of flights.  It was recovered minus the 24 mm reload hardware.   Luckily, it was recovered later in the day by another rocketeer.  The owner of this reload can pick it up at our next launch or meeting.  (Sorry, I forgot your name, but I never forget a face!)  Chris Kvidera almost suffered the same fate with his LOC Aura.  Fortunately for him, the reload landed within a foot of the model!   Remember .... tape, Kaplow Klips, and other forms of positive motor retention are cheap.

Alan Estenson flew a very nice mini-Der Big Red Max. Hmmm.  Last time, he had a nice full size Der Big Red Max. I bet we can expect a 2.6" Big Der Big Red Max later in the summer.  Alan also had a few 4-H-ers at the launch and helped them launch several rockets throughout the day. [Actually, it's a 3.1" Der BIG Red Max.  Alan]

Earlier in the day Russ Durkee launched his THOY Condor on a G80 proving the field was big enough even on windy days.  The rocket drifted about a half a mile away to the western edge of the field.

Several new younger fliers were also present to enjoy the day and fly some of their rockets as well.  It was great to see some new faces at this launch!
(Russ Durkee)

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