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Last updated: Nov 11, 2000
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MASA Members Break-In New Launch Field! (4/6/1998)

On Sunday April 5, MASA members held an impromptu launch at our new launch field in Blaine.  Flights started at 10 am and continued until three in the afternoon.   MASA's new 8 pad launch controller provided the power to put approximately 50 rockets into the sky.  This launch gave the membership the chance to try out some new procedures and equipment before our next open launch on April 25th.  Mark Thell, Mike Martens, and Russ Durkee started off the day with a three stomp rocket drag race on B6-4s.   All rockets featured B.O.I.N.K. recovery. (Bounce On Impact...No Kidding).   Chris Kvidera had a great flight on an Aerotech Mustang on an E15.  Ted Cochran clustered three D12s in a red and yellow home brew rocket for a great flight as well.  Alan Estenson got an early start on the K&S parachute duration competition with a rocket with a decidedly "Groove Tube" design.  Hopefully more members will join in on the fun at the next launch.  One of the more hair raising flights occurred when Russ Durkee launched a rocket carrying a 35 mm camera payload on an F40.  The motor chuffed a bit at liftoff and the seven second delay dragged on for about 9 seconds.  The ejection charge fired a few hundred feet off the ground, but held together and was recovered safely.  About 9 good photos were obtained from the flight.
(Russ Durkee)

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