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Photo Gallery

Misc MASA photos from 1999

Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size photo.



Alan Estenson's Blossom (V2)

Alan Estenson's Aerotech Chaparral

Alan Estenson's Estes Longshot

Damian Kostron's Saturn V on an E11

Russ Durkee's Mercury Redstone

Lee Frisvold's Mercury Atlas

Damian Kostron's Saturn 1B

Damian Kostron's Saturn 1B

Mike Kutzke's Saturn V

John Knoll's Mercury Redstone

Christopher Kvidera's Saturn V

Bud Herema's Saturn V

Bud Herema's Saturn V

Bud Herema's Saturn V

Damian Kostron's Apollo Abort Capsule rocket

John Knoll flies his Mercury Atlas

September meeting

October launch

November meeting

Carl Peerson's Saturn 7

Carl Peerson's Saturn 7

John Knoll and his NCR X-Wing

Carl Peerson and Humpty Dumbty

John Knoll and his Atlas Centaur

Glen Overby's Nike Smoke

Saturn 7

John Knoll's NCR X-Wing

Bits of X-Wing

Lee Frisvold's V2

Upscale Mosquitos

Mark Thell's Omega

Dave Fergus Trident II

Larry Schwartz's Stretch Fat Boy and 2-stage Fat Boy

Kerry Hodges' Andromeda

Dave Fergus' Heavy Lifter


Alan Estenson's Razzle Dazzle

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