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Photo Gallery

MASA Launch on November 17, 2001


Stomp Rocket drag race!

m01-245.jpg (64586 bytes)

(L to R: Alan Estenson, Steve Robb, Craig Hansen, Hugh Hansen)

m01-246.jpg (63446 bytes)

(L to R: Dave Fergus, Phil Gibbens, Art Gibbens, Jeff Hove)

m01-285.jpg (87086 bytes)

Stomp it!
(photo by Kerry Hodges)


m01-240.jpg (52200 bytes)

Where'd this weird stuff come from?
(photo Alan Estenson)


m01-241.jpg (49579 bytes)

Dave Fergus' Tri-Stomp
(photo by Alan Estenson)


m01-242.jpg (49668 bytes)

Art Gibbens gives the launch rod a swift cleaning.
(photo by Alan Estenson)


m01-286.jpg (34445 bytes)

m01-287.jpg (48682 bytes)

m01-288.jpg (52187 bytes)

Kerry Hodges' upscale Goblin meets the pavement after an E11 flight.
(photos by Kerry Hodges)


m01-244.jpg (65765 bytes)

Fat Boy drag race participants.
(L to R: Alan Estenson, Brian Fergus, Steve Robb, Glen Overby, Dave Fergus, Lincoln Kibsguard)

m01-279.jpg (93993 bytes)

Fly!  Looks like Dave Fergus' Boattail Fat Boy was first off the pads.

m01-280.jpg (23135 bytes)

m01-282.jpg (33193 bytes)

m01-283.jpg (13510 bytes)

Fat Boys Fly! (and get stuck in trees and on roofs...)
(photos by Kerry Hodges)


m01-281.jpg (42232 bytes)

Ken Jarosch's Estes Super Big Bertha flies on a D12.
(photo by Kerry Hodges)


m01-284.jpg (16707 bytes)

Alan Estenson's "Gopher Holes" on a D12.
(photo by Kerry Hodges)


m01-276.jpg (54264 bytes)

m01-277.jpg (42124 bytes)

m01-278.jpg (17446 bytes)

Russ Durkee flies his Cuda R/C sailplane.
(photos by Kerry Hodges)


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