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Photo Gallery

MASA Launch on September 29, 2001


m01-196.jpg (22573 bytes)

m01-184.jpg (59154 bytes)

Alan Estenson's Python tried its best to land back on Alan's tarp.
(photos by Steve Robb & Alan Estenson)


m01-185.jpg (70370 bytes)

(photo by Alan Estenson)


m01-186.jpg (46353 bytes)

RSO Tim Bush returns from checking thing over.
(photo by Alan Estenson)


m01-191.jpg (61584 bytes)

Ted Cochran "persuades" his Big Daddy.
(photo by Steve Robb)


m01-189.jpg (59352 bytes)

What's that big grin for, Dave?
(photo by Steve Robb)



m01-187.jpg (80991 bytes)

Troop 415 visited our launch and flew their Aerotech Airspike rockets.
(photo by Ken Corey-Edstrom)


m01-188.jpg (53737 bytes)

The troop receives instructions from Ken.
(photo by Steve Robb)


m01-195.jpg (47620 bytes)

m01-197.jpg (31578 bytes)

Ken checks igniter hookups out at the pads.
(photos by Steve Robb)


m01-198.jpg (44861 bytes)

Swinger, Warthog and Delta Clipper.
(photo by Steve Robb)


m01-193.jpg (50102 bytes)

Dave Fergus talks to the Press.
(photo by Steve Robb)


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