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Photo Gallery

MASA Launch on August 26, 2000


m00-229.jpg (55759 bytes)

The 2nd Annual Great UFO Drag Race - photo shows 6 out of 7 saucers in the air.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 8/26/00)


m00-202.jpg (29038 bytes)

m00-203.jpg (43636 bytes)

Tony Pray gets some assistance from RSO Steve Hum and LCO Steve Robb.  Two Steves, no waiting.  <grin>
(photos by Alan Estenson, 8/26/00)


m00-223.jpg (16306 bytes)

Tony Pray's LOC EZI-65 on a G80, first flight.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 8/26/00)


m00-227.jpg (13159 bytes)

Kent Peterson's LOC Vulcanite on an H73.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 8/26/00)


m00-221a.jpg (51512 bytes)

Andy Jirele's Aerotech Strong Arm on a G40.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 8/26/00)


m00-222.jpg (17429 bytes)

Andy Forsman's AMRAAM on two E15-7's, first flight.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 8/26/00)



m00-224.jpg (44878 bytes)

Tim Bush's 2.3x upscale Orbital Transport, first flight on a G38-4.  (It was very cool!)
(photo by Alan Estenson, 8/26/00)


m00-253.jpg (17176 bytes)

PML AMRAAM 2 drag race, Tim Bush is on the left with a G35 and Steve Hum is on the right with a G33.
(photo by Ted Cochran, 8/26/00)


m00-225.jpg (17099 bytes)

Steven Handeland's Estes Pathfinder on a D12-5, first flight.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 8/26/00)


m00-226.jpg (13718 bytes)

Ted Cochran's LOC IV on an H238.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 8/26/00)


m00-228.jpg (11540 bytes)

Ed Ryan's Custom Lightnin' on D12-0 to D12-5.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 8/26/00)


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