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Photo Gallery

MASA Launch on August 24, 2002


m02-270.jpg (20798 bytes)

m02-251.jpg (32557 bytes)

m02-252.jpg (22959 bytes)

m02-253.jpg (28664 bytes)

m02-271.jpg (19286 bytes)

Photos are of different flights of two ECEE Thunders owned by Steve Hum and David Whitaker
 (photos by Rick Vatsaas and Ted Cochran)


m02-259.jpg (49854 bytes)

Seth Cochran's Edmonds Deltie Airshow
(photo by Ted Cochran)


m02-260.jpg (31075 bytes)

Martin Dietl's "The Launch Pad" Exocet MM-40 on a cluster of D12's (photo only shows 1 burning)
(photo by Ted Cochran)


m02-261.jpg (15576 bytes)

Joe Schneider's Tetrahedron on a C6-5.
(photo by Ted Cochran)


m02-262.jpg (47032 bytes)

Austin Whitaker's HL-20 on a C6-3
(photo by Ted Cochran)


m02-265.jpg (30054 bytes)

m02-266.jpg (21782 bytes)

Ted Cochran's Estes Space Shuttle flies on a C5-3
(photos by Ted Cochran)



m02-269.jpg (12683 bytes)

Kerry Hodges' upscale Yellow Jacket - "aerial jousting" - on a F50
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)


m02-272.jpg (17111 bytes)

Ken Jarosch's Aerotech Sumo on a G80
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)

m02-273.jpg (23280 bytes)

m02-254.jpg (14015 bytes)

Ron Hammer's Estes Super Big Bertha on a F12
(photos by Rick Vatsaas and Ted Cochran)


m02-274.jpg (11826 bytes)

Dude! (Ron Hammer's, on a D12-3)
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)

m02-276.jpg (28428 bytes)

Ted Cochran's Estes Silver Comet on a D12
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)

m02-277.jpg (44417 bytes)

Rick Vatsaas' Custom Satellite Drone on a C6-5
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)

m02-278.jpg (38776 bytes)

UFO drag race - participants Ted Cochran, Mollie Frisvold, Ellison Lenz.
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)

m02-279.jpg (11967 bytes)

m02-280.jpg (16341 bytes)

Venus Probe drag race (David Gensler and Stuart Lenz on C6-3's).
(photos by Rick Vatsaas)


m02-264.jpg (35664 bytes)

Tim Bush's Estes Mercury Redstone on a D12.
(photo by Ted Cochran)


m02-267.jpg (31622 bytes)

Steve Hum's PML AMRAAM 2 on a G64
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)


m02-268.jpg (22907 bytes)

Unknown 2-stager?
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)


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