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Photo Gallery

MASA Launch on July 28, 2001


m01-123.jpg (26814 bytes)

Ted Cochran's KosRox Mars Lander on a D12
(photo by Ted Cochran)


m01-125.jpg (5472 bytes)

Russ Durkee's Cuda R/C rocket glider
(photo by Ted Cochran)


m01-127.jpg (36218 bytes)

Ted Cochran's Estes Jayhawk on an E15.
(photos by Ted Cochran)

m01-128.jpg (38060 bytes)


m01-131.jpg (28349 bytes)

Joe Schneider with his Wildcat rocket.  It flew successfully on a cluster of 8 composite motors!  (1 F72 and 7 D21's)
(photos by Alan Estenson)

m01-132.jpg (50129 bytes)


m01-135.jpg (36765 bytes)

John Carlson with his vintage Estes Interceptor
(photo by Alan Estenson)


m01-232.jpg (26225 bytes)

Doug DeBold's LOC Legacy on F20 power.
(photo by Dave Fergus)



m01-124.jpg (28139 bytes)

Fencepost?  It's not the fall that does the damage, it's that sudden stop at the end...
(photo by Ted Cochran)


m01-126.jpg (20999 bytes)

Alan and Alexandra Estenson drag race Estes Fat Boy's on C5-3's.  (Alexandra is ahead by a nose.)
(photo by Ted Cochran)


m01-129.jpg (43024 bytes)

John Carlson's Saturn 1B on 4 C6's.
(photo by Ted Cochran)


m01-130.jpg (20146 bytes)

Ted Cochran's Estes Saturn V on an E18
(photo by Ted Cochran)

m01-233.jpg (16470 bytes)

(photo by Dave Fergus)


m01-136.jpg (40355 bytes)

Rick Vatsaas with the unpainted "Kidd Plasma's Flaming Atomic Meteor of Justice" prior to its first flight
(photo by Rick Vatsaas - somehow)


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