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Photo Gallery

MASA Picnic and Launch on July 16, 2005

All photos by Alan Estenson (save where otherwise noted)

Click on thumbnails to see full-size pic


Glorious Leader Mike Erpelding
(and Andy Heren)


Todd Carpenter's Estes Sidewinder on a C6-5. (after momentary rod-lock)


Carpenter pad prep


Fat Boy


Stuart Lenz can fit an entire itsy-bitsy fleet in one tote


Jim Myers' "Alpha Maxi" on a D12-5


A great gaggle of door prizes


Young Myers-es


Jim Myers' 2-stage Deuce Booster fires two C's on the pad.


Mike instructs the Boe Boys in the proper assembly of an 18mm RMS D13 reload...


Caleb Boe's Estes Venus Probe on a D13 reload.
Classic case of blow-by that lit the ejection charge right after motor ignition.
Note cloud of cellulose wadding between about
 6 and 10 feet off the ground.  Parachute is
 being dragged behind the booster.
Lander is not visible having been punched out-of-frame by the ejection charge.
(Um, Mike? About that assembly technique? <grin>)



Alpha prep ala Gibbens


Mark Thell's X-15 on a C6-3


Mark Thell and his Estes Aerospace Club Viper - autographed by Vern Estes!


Ted Cochran's Estes Silver Comet on its 2,369th flight.  (or something like that)


"It's too hot to fly rockets.  Lets just talk to Ed."


Baby Bertha (now with yellow duckies)


"...and I borrowed this knob from the reactor control panel..."


Mark Thell's MPC Martian Patrol on a B6-4


Tyler Ericksen and Carol Marple prep a Fat Boy


Fat Boy drag race!

A pastel Fat Boy!

Ready to go...

Jeff Taylor has first motion, but Carol Marple is but a split-second behind...

...and they're off!

Alyssa Taylor is fashionably late...

...but launches in style!

<ahem>  Todd Carpenter's refuses to participate...

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