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Photo Gallery

MASA launch on May 31, 2008

Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size photo.

rv - photo by Rick Vatsaas
tb - photo by Tim Barr



Dwayne Shmel - good to go!

Dwayne Shmel's L1 cert flight on an H165

Wow, that went really high!

Andy Juntunen and his ESS Raven

Andy Juntunen and his ESS Raven - post flight

Buzz McDermott and Andy Juntunen

Classic Estes Torellian Invader launched by the HCA Rocket Club

Glen Overby heads to the pad with his hybrid-powered Aerobee 150

"No, no, it would lawn dart over there!"

Sometimes, the walk to the pad seems really, really long...

David Whitaker's "Pirate Thor" launches on a Sky Ripper H hybrid

The Pirate Thor just after main chute deployment.

Scott Gleason inspects his V2.

Scott Gleason's Maxi V2 on an E9-4

A couple sci-fi rockets.

Buzz McDermott's modified "Gravity Rider" lights two D12's.

Todd Schweim prepares to fly an FAI streamer duration model.

HCA Rocket Team members put some rockets on the rack.

Ken Jarosch does the Iwo Jima.

Rick Vatsaas and the Maalouli's.

The Boe crew gets ready to fly Caleb's Tethys on an I212.

Alan Estenson's Goonybird Zero and Der Goony Max before their first flights.

Mike Crotteau flies his Semroc SLS Laser-X on an E18.

Mike Crotteau flies his Semroc SLS Laser-X on an E18.

Entrants in the Fat Boy "beauty contest".

Elizabeth Shmel with Dwayne's winning Fat Boy, and David Whitaker with his 2nd runner-up Fat Boy.

Alan Estenson's Cherokee D clone lifts off for the first time on a D12-7.

Hands to the sky.

It's up there somewhere!

Buzz McDermott's Waverider (rv)

Fat Boy rocket contest (rv)

Art Gibbens commands the Launch! (rv)

Rick Vatsaas and his Tycho Express (tb)

Marc Maalouli's Rubicon (rv)

Scott Gleason's UFO (rv)

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