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Photo Gallery

MASA Launch on February 23, 2002


m02-007.jpg (30213 bytes)

m02-008.jpg (35683 bytes)

Quite a crowd (for February!)
(photos by Alan Estenson)


m02-012.jpg (38021 bytes)

The Crew.
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)


m02-017.jpg (47614 bytes)

Neal Higgins' "Fineas J Whoopie"
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)


m02-063.jpg (37084 bytes)

Mike Downham's rocket - up in a tree.  Note hole burned through fin!
(photo by Ann Nolen)


m02-015.jpg (33821 bytes)

Alan takes charge of the launch on a soggy February morning.
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)


m02-016.jpg (26780 bytes)

Poor R2, his feet are wet and cold!
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)


m02-053.jpg (31137 bytes)

Neal Higgins' Blobbo
(photo by Ann Nolen)


m02-054.jpg (20446 bytes)

Dan Nolen's Bandit
(photo by Ann Nolen)


m02-055.jpg (37341 bytes)

Alan Estenson's FPR "Da Beast" flies on a D12.
(top photo by Ann Nolen, bottom photo by Dave Oberlander)


m02-057.jpg (32406 bytes)

Lee Frisvold's Silver Comet lifts-off on a D12.
(photo by Ann Nolen)


m02-058.jpg (47847 bytes)

Jeff Hove's "Bic Arcas"
(photo by Ann Nolen)


m02-060.jpg (60385 bytes)

"Found Parts Rockets" (FPR) and rocketeers
(photo by Ann Nolen)


m02-013.jpg (12756 bytes)

Jeff Hove's FPR "Completely Cardboard 2"
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)


m02-011.jpg (30996 bytes)

m02-056.jpg (25851 bytes)

Dave Oberlander's FPR "Cheapskate"
(top photo by Rick Vatsaas, bottom photo by Ann Nolen)


m02-014.jpg (13435 bytes)

Mike Erpelding's FPR "garbage rocket"
(photo by Rick Vatsaas)


m02-018.jpg (27324 bytes)

m02-019.jpg (11438 bytes)

m02-020.jpg (13029 bytes)

Stuar Lenz' FPR "Pokemon"
(photos by Rick Vatsaas)


m02-021.jpg (29291 bytes)

m02-065.jpg (31623 bytes)

Rick Vatsaas FPR "Christmas in February" launches on two C6-5's.
(photos by Rick Vatsaas and Ann Nolen)


m02-062.jpg (23471 bytes)

Is it ready?
(photo by Ann Nolen)

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