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m02-255.jpg (96685 bytes)

m02-256.jpg (53064 bytes)

m02-258.jpg (51410 bytes)

Comanche-3 drag race - participants Ted Cochran, David Whitaker, Lee Frisvold, Glen Overby, Leland Cheng
(photos by Ted Cochran, 8/24/2002)


m00-127.jpg (48059 bytes)

Steve Robb and Dave Fergus drag race their Estes Silver Comets on D12's.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 5/21/2000)


m00-114.jpg (14386 bytes)

Steve Robb's Estes Silver Comet on a D12-7.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 5/21/2000)


m00-056.jpg (101562 bytes)

Damian Kostron and his NCR Patriot.  A successful level 1 certification on an H128.
(photos by Damian Kostron and Alan Estenson, 4/22/2000)


m99-099.jpg (53885 bytes)

Alan Estenson & Kerry Hodges launch upscale Mosquitos on B4-4's.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 11/20/1999)


m98-023.jpg (31621 bytes)

Chris Kvidera's Mercury Atlas on Carl Persson's launch pad.
(photo by Chris Kvidera, 11/21/1998)


m00-164a.jpg (65302 bytes)

Damian Kostron launches his 'Cuda R/C rocket glider.
(photos by Alan Estenson, 6/24/00)


m00-172a.jpg (44476 bytes)

Dave Fergus' Aerotech Warthog on a G35.
(photos by Alan Estenson, 6/24/00)


m00-173a.jpg (53095 bytes)

Tim Bush's PML AMRAAM 2 on F25. (inset shows results of water landing)
(photos by Alan Estenson, 6/24/00)


P6120059.jpg (55716 bytes)

MASA visit to the MN Air National Guard Museum, June 12, 2001
(photo by Alan Estenson, 6/12/01)


m01-123.jpg (26814 bytes)

Ted Cochran's KosRox Mars Lander on a D12
(photo by Ted Cochran, 7-28-01)


m01-130.jpg (20146 bytes)

Ted Cochran's Estes Saturn V on an E18
(photo by Ted Cochran, 7-28-01)




m00-116.jpg (14844 bytes)

Dave Fergus' "Heavy Lifter" on a D12-3.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 5/21/2000)


m00-111a.jpg (75875 bytes)

Ted Cochran's Estes AQM37A on an E18-4.
(photos by Alan Estenson and Ted Cochran, 5/21/2000)


m00-100.jpg (50033 bytes)

Brandon Green's Launch Pad Hawk on a D12-5.
(photos by Alan Estenson, 5/21/2000)


m00-050b.jpg (72247 bytes)

Mike Town's EZI-65, an interesting sequence of shots as his level 1 attempt on an H123 goes awry..
(photos from left to right by Seth Cochran, Alan Estenson, Glen Overby, 4/22/2000)


m99-046.jpg (38610 bytes)

Bud Herema's Saturn V on a D12-3.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 7/17/1999)


Ted Cochran's LOC IV at sunset.
(photo by Ted Cochran, 1998)


m00-214.jpg (15870 bytes)

John Knoll's Atlas Centaur on a G55.
(photo by Alan Estenson, 7/22/00)


m01-092.jpg (30241 bytes)

Ted Cochran's "Tower Ring Infernal" on an F20
(photo by Ted Cochran, 6/23/01)



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