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Last updated: May 22, 2003
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

Elk River Launch Site

Elk River - Rogers VFW 5518 Sports Complex

This field is located next to the VFW community center (VFW Elk River / Rogers Post 5518).  It is a complex of several soccer fields offering a good-sized recovery area.  Please park in the parking lot.  Wind speed and direction may require limiting some flights at the discretion of the RSO.  This field is bounded by a townhouse development on the south side and Highway 101 on the east side.  MASA members may launch on this field at times other than offiicial MASA launches.  See Note at the bottom of this page for more info.


"Sparky" type motors, such as Aerotech Metalstorm, CTI/AMW Skidmark, or any other brand of motor that emits showers of sparks, are NOT ALLOWED at any MASA launch.

All participants must be familiar with both the Rules and Procedures for all MASA Launches and with the...

Rules particular to this launch site:

  • Maximum lift-off weight of 16 ounces.
  • Maximum motor size of "E".  (May be limited by the RSO to smaller motors depending upon wind speed and direction.)
  • Clusters allowed only under discretion of RSO.
  • Multi-stage flights allowed only under discretion of RSO.

Directions:  (from the Twin Cities)

Take I-94 west toward St. Cloud. Exit on Hwy 101 (Rogers/Elk River exit).  Go north on Hwy 101 and drive several miles. Exit at Highway 37, take a left and drive just past the townhouses, take a right onto Quaday Ave. Field is adjacent to the VFW community center on the right side of Quaday Ave.

Address is 7350 Quaday Ave, Elk River, MN 55330

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Additional Note:

It is OK to launch at this field on non-MASA weekends provided there is not an organized soccer match going on. Individual MASA members have a standing invitation to launch here as long as it does not interfere with Three Rivers Soccer Association events. If anyone is there from the VFW, it is a courtesy to let them know you are there and what you are doing, and to leave the field cleaner than when you got there (soccer kids tend to leave trash behind, so we have made a good impression on the VFW so far by cleaning up after ourselves, and being courteous and grateful for their hosting).  It is private property owned by the local Post as a non-profit organization. So we need to treat it as private property, and be considerate to the landowners (the VFW members).  DO NOT DRIVE ON THE FIELD!

As best we can decipher, soccer takes place on these fields on Monday through Thursday evenings from late April through mid-July.  Weekends appear to be clear during those months.

In the fall, there is soccer on the weekends during September and October.  There is also a big rugby tournament in mid September.  Weekdays appear to be clear during those months.