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Last updated: Jan 11, 2008
Site hosted courtesy of the
Minnesota Rocketry Network
Alan Estenson, Webmaster

Buffalo Launch Site

MASA stopped using this field many years ago.

This page left standing for historical reasons.

This is a private farm in Buffalo, MN (north of rockford, west of the metro area)

This is a private farm that we have permission to launch from, and permission to enter the neighboring properties to retrieve rockets.

In 2003, the farm was growing wheat.  In 2004, it was corn.  In 2005, it was ?  In 2006, it was ?  In 2007, it was ?  In 2008, it will be ?

To the south is another farmer's field and several residences.

To the south and west is a Youth With A Mission (missionary) camp.

Like a good golf course, the field has hazards. On the north edge of the field is a high-voltage power line. To the north of the power line is a rocket-eating forest. The crop growing on the field itself will surely present a recovery challenge (every launch is a spot landing contest).  Most launches held at this site are before the crop is planted in the spring or after havest in the fall.

Most launches held at this site are of the "notification" type under FAR Parts 101.22 and 101.25.  The launch limits are 3.3 pounds maximum rocket lift-off weight, and a maximum of a single "G" motor.  [Encroaching development means that we can no longer fly complex G rockets or H rockets from this field.]

"Sparky" type motors, such as Aerotech Metalstorm, CTI/AMW Skidmark, or any other brand of motor that emits showers of sparks, are NOT ALLOWED at any MASA launch.

All participants must be familiar with both the Rules and Procedures for all MASA Launches and with the...

Rules particular to this launch site:

  • Maximum lift-off weight of 3.3 pounds [if a notification is in place for a launch].  Maximum motor loadout of a single G motor.  No G clusters.  No H motors.
  • This site may only be used for official MASA launches.  It may not be used for private or personal rocket launches or for any other purpose at any time other than during an official MASA launch.
  • Do not drive on the field! Park on the road and carry rockets to the launch site.
  • There are no "sanitary facilities" on site.

Directions: (from I-494 on the west side of the Twin Cities)

  • Take Highway 55 westbound from I-494 to Rockford. (about 15 miles)
  • Turn north onto Main Street (CR-20) and drive about 3 miles
  • As you leave Rockford, Main will turn into Jansen Ave
  • Proceed to 17th St. SE.

Directions from I-94 (coming from the Twin Cities)

Take the County Road 30 exit, turn left (going back over I-94) follow CR30 as it winds (it turns right before you get to Walmart). Take CR30 to CR19(about 6 miles), turn right on CR19 and follow it around as it twists, when you go over the Crow River bridge take a left and go down about 2-3 miles looking for 17th Street.  Take a right and the field is just up the hill.

The site address is:

1617 Jansen Ave Se
Buffalo MN